Broadhurst Loop ImageProperty owners carry many types of insurance to ensure they are protected: general property insurance, flood insurance, hurricane insurance, liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance, business interruption insurance and others. 

There is one type of insurance policy, though, that offers the best protection – a good roof. 

For a business owner, a good roof can protect millions of dollars in inventory, electronics and paperwork. It also protects jobs, employees and customers. 

For a condominium, multi-family unit or single-family home, a good roof protects furniture, personal possessions, keepsakes and, of course, the people inside. 

Water intrusion from a leaky roof can damage the roof deck, insulation and drywall, as well as contribute to mold and algae growth. Those repairs can cost thousands of dollars or more. Leaks also present electrical hazards, contribute to insect infestations and increase the likelihood of slip-and-fall incidents, potentially disastrous consequences for any property owner. 

Leaky roofs can destroy lives and livelihoods. 

That’s why it’s so important to schedule an annual inspection with certified, experienced roofing professionals. Target Roofing’s Haag-certified inspectors can spot causes for concern before they become a problem, like worn-down adhesives that no longer secure flashing or drains that aren’t properly channeling water away from the structure. Our team makes difficult roofing simple, and repairs that take an hour or two by our team will offer peace-of-mind and alleviate more costly issues that may emerge averting critical impacts on your business or home.

On average, Southwest Florida receives close to 56 inches of rain per year – nearly 5 feet! The average high temperature exceeds 90 degrees for four consecutive months. Damaging UV rays pound the peninsula all year. Your roof must be built to withstand the elements. 

Is your roof protecting you? Call our team today for a FREE inspection. 


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