You wouldn’t ask a pastry chef to cook your filet mignon or have a defense attorney handling your real estate transaction.

And you certainly wouldn’t want a math instructor teaching history or a stockbroker filing your income taxes.

They might be able to get the job done, and done well, but it’s not their area of expertise. Many companies have jumped on the cross-training bandwagon, a movement to teach employees how to handle a variety of workplace tasks.

Target Roofing & Sheet Metal, however, is not one of them. And that’s a good thing for our customers.

Our installation teams specialize in one type of roof – flat, metal, tile or shingle – and only work on that material. We provide extensive, highly specific training and instruction programs so that our roofers are, without question, the foremost experts.

Different types of roofs require a completely different skill set, different machinery and different tools.

For a flat roof on a high-rise, for example, our crews essentially roll out layers of membranes, glue and rubber using rollers, blow torches and other equipment. Meanwhile, a crew installing shingles on a multifamily housing unit is laying out rectangular shingles and nailing them into place, with each nail being spaced according to Florida Building Code requirements.

Different jobs, different skill sets.

You don’t want a generalist working on your roof. You want a specialist who has installed, repaired or replaced that same type of roof many times. When our crews arrive on a job site, customers know they are getting an experienced team that won’t use their time – or waste yours – figuring out how to overlap metal panels or cut clay tile.

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