In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Florida’s settlers often built their homes with metal roofs. They were cheap, relatively easy to install and lightweight, which meant easy shipping from manufacturing facilities up north.

The Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, now beautifully restored, offer a great historical perspective of metal roofing architecture of the past.

Asphalt shingles then become the roofing material of choice in Florida before tile roofs rose to prominence in the late 20th century and early 2000s. That’s when the surge of planned communities across Florida adopted the uniform look of red-, brown- and orange-hued barrel tiles.

In recent years, though, a wide array of Target Roofing’s commercial clients have opted to install metal roofs, which are a great option because they are:

  • Durable. Some manufacturers are offering warranties up to 50 years, which doubles and even triples warranties for some types of roofing materials.
  • Energy-efficient. Panels reflect light and emit heat, which can reduce the cost to cool a space.
  • Weather-resistant. Metal roofs have a high wind resistance, do not absorb water and are not prone to cracking under Florida’s intense heat.

In 2018, Monroe County considered making metal roofs mandatory. Although the ordinance did not pass, a county staff summary as reported by the Miami Herald offered support for metal roofs: “One significant observation from [post-Hurricane Irma] inspections is that metal roofs fared far better than those roofs covered by asphalt shingles. County residents who lost roofs during Irma have asked if there is a way to obtain help in paying to harden their homes by upgrading from traditional shingles to a metal roof.”

Two frequently stated knocks against metal roofs are that they make living spaces hotter and amplify sounds during a heavy rainstorm. If an attic’s insulation is installed to code, a metal roof can actually lower energy bills and block the sound of raindrops during a thunderstorm.

As Floridians’ fondness for metal roofing continues to grow, Target Roofing is well-prepared to handle additional roofing jobs. Whereas many roofers outsource production of metal panels, Target Roofing owns a sheet metal fabricator to manufacture roof panels inside our own production facility. Not only does this allow for a faster delivery, but it often means a lower price for our customers. Our facility can produce 200-foot panels, four times the standard size shipped by outside suppliers.

Target Roofing also owns a state-of-the-art folder and sheerer that’s able to bend 4-foot by 10-foot sheets with custom details like flashing and transitions. We can generate flat, pencil-ribbed and striated roof panels. This means we’re able to accommodate any type of roof layout, and producing panels in-house saves our customers’ time and money.

To discuss additional benefits of a metal roof, give us a call today at 239-332-5707 to speak with one of our experienced roofing specialists.