Smart property owners and property managers request estimates from multiple contractors prior to accepting a bid. Even the smartest can find it extremely confusing when trying to compare each estimate and understand the important decisions that need to be made in replacing or repairing a roof.

Estimates can vary widely between contractors, sometimes by tens of thousands of dollars. The lowest bid isn’t always the best if a contractor uses off-brand materials or unskilled laborers to complete a job. A small leak doesn’t necessarily indicate a small repair – it could be the first warning sign of a major problem.

So what exactly goes into an estimate?

Below are five factors that play a role in estimating prices of roofing repairs and replacements:

(1) Labor: Many roofing companies use subcontractors or unskilled laborers to complete jobs. Target Roofing’s team of roofing professionals consists only of full-time, benefits-eligible employees. They are among the top roofers in Southwest Florida and earn a salary commensurate with their extensive experience and skill levels. Although it’s more expensive to hire top-of-the-line roofers, the expense is worth it. Your roof will be repaired or replaced based on the exact specifications set by a manufacturer. Utilizing full-time employees ensures quality control measures will be maintained. The individuals working on your roof possess the company’s strong core values and quest for 100% customer satisfaction.

(2) Type of Roofing Material: Much like choosing between hardwood or laminate flooring, there are price variations within roofing materials. Metal is generally the most expensive, followed by tile, flat and shingle roofs. There are even wide fluctuations within each material based on brand and quality. The best materials might require a larger upfront expenditure. However, that investment could pay off down the road when materials last years longer than their inferior counterparts.

(3) Unique Roof Environments: A roofing environment, whether flat or sloped, low or high, has an impact on costs. Roofers can work at a quicker pace on a flat roof or low-slope roof with open spaces versus extreme-sloped roofs. The more extreme the slopes, the more it forces roofers to move slower to maneuver around A/C units, skylights, solar panels, exhaust fans or satellite dishes, thus adding to the higher labor cost. High-rise buildings can add to the cost because they require more trips up and down stairs or elevators. If special cranes operators are needed to move materials, that also adds to the labor time.

(4) Size of Job: There are certain fixed costs associated with any job, like completing an inspection, ordering materials and transporting equipment and materials. Those costs don’t change if it’s a one-hour or 10-hour repair job, or a one-week or one-month installation. However, once on a job site, experienced roofing crews proceed methodically to complete their tasks. Larger jobs, obviously, require more professional roofers on site for a longer period of time. Labor costs will rise proportionately.

(5) Warranty: There are many types of warranties, including manufacturer warranties that cover roofing material defects only. Contractor workmanship warranties cover the proper installation of the roof. Powerful, non-prorated No Dollar Limit warranties cover all labor and material defects for extended periods of time, often over 20, 25 or 30 years. Similar to warranties for appliances or vehicles, a basic warranty often is included after a roof repair or replacement. An extended warranty covers additional items or an extended period of time. Top-of-the-line warranties typically come at a higher price to customers.

Target Roofing gladly provides FREE, no obligation estimates to help guide decision-makers through the process of repairing or replacing a roof. As mentioned above, roofing contractors can draft vastly different estimates. That’s why it is so important to work with a roofing team you can trust. Contact Target Roofing today at 239-332-5707 to schedule a FREE estimate.

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