Roofs don’t last forever.

A properly maintained roof, though, can last well-beyond its warranty, and then some.

Half of the battle is knowing what causes roof problems. In many cases, some easy fixes can prevent some very complex, costly problems.

The experienced roofing professionals at Target Roofing & Sheet Metal have installed, repaired and replaced thousands of roofs across Southwest Florida. Our team notes three things that destroy the most roofs:
Florida is a subtropical paradise. Although that makes for great postcards and social media pictures, our environment isn’t kind to roofs. We cannot stop the sun from shining, ask the rain to stop falling or ban hurricanes.

Property owners and property managers can take matters into their own hands. Just two easy fixes can avoid a lot of headaches:

  • Trim tree limbs: Trees that aren’t regularly pruned are more likely to succumb to high winds. If branches are dangling above a structure and a thunderstorm or tropical system approaches, that can be bad news. Branches leaning over or touching a roof also give rodents and insects direct access to a structure. If possible, create a clearance of at least five to 10 feet by trimming branches.
  • Clean out gutters: Gutters, downspouts and drains operate like a bathroom or kitchen sink. They are designed to drain liquid, and will clog if solids try to pass. Gutters can fill with leaves, twigs, broken pieces of tile and granules from shingles. Make sure to periodically clean gutters and flush out any residue. Clogged gutters can fill with water weighing hundreds of pounds, putting a strain on the roof structure. Clogs also allow water to pool on the roof, where the excess water can warp or rot the roof deck.

Trades workers routinely need to access roofs. That’s how they clean tiles, shingles and dryer vents. That’s how they service A/C units and communication systems. That’s how they install solar panels, satellite dishes, skylights and attic fans.

However, roofs weren’t designed to be walkways. Even the most cautious contractors can unintentionally damage roof materials. Shoes and equipment can rip or puncture membranes, loosen adhesives, dent materials, crack tiles and rub off granules.

Contractors need roof access to complete their jobs. That is unavoidable. These two solutions can help protect your roof:

  • Walkway pads: Add a permanent or temporary walkway pad between the access point and places contractors frequently access, such as the HVAC unit and telecommunications equipment. A rubber or soft mat provides a nonslip surface for contractors while offering an added layer of cushion between their shoes and the roof surface.
  • On-site consultant: Request that contractors have a certified roofing professional on site before or during their project. That individual can provide oversight and guidance to keep your roof, as well as the contractor, safe.

A roof is like a piece of machinery. It needs to be repaired if it’s damaged, but preventative maintenance can help avoid problems in the first place.

The roof might be the most durable part of a business or home. It’s rock solid, usually holds up well and isn’t something people notice on a daily basis. That’s why maintenance is often overlooked. Below are two steps to take right now to keep your roof top of mind:

  • Preventative maintenance plan: Target Roofing offers annual maintenance plans that include comprehensive roof system inspections, extensive inspection reports with photos, detailed work proposals, warranty maintenance and extensions, a convenient online customer portal and an asset analysis. A maintenance plan also includes certain types of basic repairs and services, like caulking and touch-up adhesive work. It’s expensive to replace a roof, so our goal – and yours, too – should be extending a roof’s life as much as possible.
  • Call for a free estimate: Target Roofing offers free estimates. All estimates are fully itemized, include photos and are written by certified roofing inspectors. They are completed as soon as possible so property managers and owners don’t have to wait for information.

Every roof eventually reaches a point when it needs to be replaced. Is that this year, or 10 years from now? We share your goal of extending your roof’s lifespan. Call Target Roofing today at 239-332-5707 to schedule a FREE estimate.

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