Casey Crowther is a proud graduate of Bishop Verot Catholic High School (Class of 2004), and equally proud to still be living in Fort Myers and running a business in his hometown.

Recently, the school asked Casey – president and founder of Target Roofing & Sheet Metal – to speak at its Career Day. He relayed a variety of insights and lessons learned, and outlined four key traits required of a successful business owner:

  • Effort: Success doesn’t just happen from 9-to-5. To attain any degree of success, plan on waking up early and staying at work late in the day.
  • Passion: Find an industry that is exciting or interesting. A fulfilling career starts with happiness in a job.
  • Learn: Don’t just learn how to do a job; learn how everyone else does their jobs, and why they do it that way.
  • Competition: Know what sets your company apart from the other guys. Don’t try to emulate another business; try to be better than that business.

“You’re not going to be able to just go into a business and think you’re going to do the same things as this other company right out of the gate. You are going to have to put in a lot more effort than they are to succeed.”

Casey has visited Bishop Verot’s campus many times since his graduation to watch sporting events, volunteer his time and offer donations to purchase much-needed supplies and equipment. It’s all part of his, and Target Roofing’s, commitment to give back to the community.

At Career Day, Casey was joined by childhood friend and fellow Bishop Verot graduate Brad North, who is vice president of estimating and sales for Target Roofing. Casey encouraged students to cherish the relationships forged at school, because they most certainly will prove beneficial down the road. He estimates that $10 million to $15 million of Target Roofing’s business has originated from his connection at Bishop Verot.

“Look at the classmates around you. I promise at some point in your life you will run across them in business, somehow or some way, so take care of those relationships.”

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