Target Roofing & Sheet Metal is proud to offer a new eco-friendly roof cleaning service to customers in Southwest Florida. Cleaning roofs helps protect roofing materials and ensures that manufacturer warranties remain valid.

The new roof cleaning service is available for commercial and residential property owners with flat, metal, tile and shingle roofs.

“There are a lot of businesses in Southwest Florida that offer pressure washing and chemical soft-washing. However, they are cleaning companies – not roofing contractors,” said Rast Bryant, Director, Sales and Marketing at Target Roofing. “Blasting a roof with high-pressure water or harsh chemicals can cause irreparable damage, and actually shorten a roof’s lifespan.”

Target Roofing uses a biodegradable exterior surface cleaner developed by Naples-based Citra-Shield. The solution destroys biological growth while safely removing stains caused by mold, mildew, algae, moss and lichen. The “green” cleaning system is non-corrosive and does not require scrubbing or high pressure to remove stains and growth.

Pressure washing only removes the top layer of algae or mildew but does not kill the spores. Pressure washing a flat roof can damage seams, fasteners, underlayment, flashing and other roofing materials. On tile roofs, power washing can strip the surface and make tiles more porous. That creates an ideal environment for mold growth. On shingle roofs, high-powered jets can remove granules and adhesives that keep shingles locked in place.

Meanwhile, harsh chemicals can leave toxic residues that decay roofing materials, harm pets and burn landscaping. Chlorine and copper sulfate products often used in combination with pressure washing can eat away at screws and metal fasteners.

Manufacturer warranties often require annual inspections and preventative maintenance, which includes regular cleaning. However, warranties often prohibit the use of harsh chemicals and pressure washing. This invalidates the warranty against future repairs.

Target Roofing recommends annual roof cleaning for :

  1. Single-family homes
  2. High-rises
  3. Apartment buildings
  4. Condominiums
  5. Shopping plazas
  6. Churches
  7. Schools
  8. Government facilities
  9. Multi-family units
  10. Medical buildings
  11. Office buildings

Target Roofing has hired and trained roofing professionals to establish its new roof cleaning teams.

For more information about roof cleaning services or to schedule an appointment, please visit or call (239) 332-5707.

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