Target Roofing & Sheet Metal takes great pride in offering exceptional service and face-to-face interactions with our customers and business partners. They are what make our jobs so enjoyable! 

However, public health experts and government officials have advised social distancing as a means of controlling the coronavirus (COVID-19). Our team has responded by creating “touch free” alternatives that minimize, or even eliminate, the need for personal contact and in-person meetings. Instead, the entire process can now be virtual: 

  • Inspections: In most cases, Target Roofing’s Haag-certified inspectors can conduct a roof survey without needing an individual on hand to provide access to the roof. In cases where that’s not possible, such as a mid-rise or high-rise building, inspectors can use either an aerial drone that records HD images and video, or satellite imagery and pictometry to take precise measurements and note areas of concern. 
  • Virtual presentations: Our team typically presents findings and a proposed scope of work to clients from the board room of our new state-of-the-art headquarters. We still do that, but now are using Zoom conferencing to have those conversations and offer screen sharing to review digital binders. 
  • Online documents: In lieu of signing on the dotted line with a pen from our office, we are accepting signed documents via fax or email, as well as electronic signing through a secure digital platform. 

Many businesses have temporarily closed or have directed their employees to work remotely, but we want them to know that we still offer all of our services in a ‘touch free’ environment,” said Casey Crowther, Target Roofing president. “One of our core values is responsiveness, and we have responded to this public health threat in a way that keeps our employees and customers safe while still moving forward with their roofing projects.” 


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