The team at Target Roofing is heartbroken at the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

Immediately after the storm hit the island nation and the magnitude of destruction became apparent, we began exploring ways that we could help both as a company and as individuals.

“We’ve been through many hurricanes and tropical storms in Southwest Florida, but nothing compares to the total devastation we saw in the Bahamas,” said Target Roofing President Casey Crowther. “People there were literally left with nothing – no homes, no food and water, no change of clothing, no transportation, no jobs.”

Our generous team and their families dug into their own pockets to purchase relief supplies like canned food, bottled water, gloves, flashlights, batteries, baby food, clothing, toiletries and more. A Facebook post about Casey’s plans for a supply collection circulated on social media and encouraged community members to contribute donations. Staff and students from Evangelical Christian School also joined the community effort.

Casey chartered an airplane and was able to secure airport clearance from Bahamas’ National Emergency Management Agency and other government agencies, a difficult feat given the chaotic post-storm environment and condition of runways in the northwestern Bahamas. Casey himself hopped aboard the plane on Sept. 10 to personally deliver the first of several loads of donations to Freeport on Grand Bahama Island.

“We had the plane actually packed to the top,” Casey said. “We were sitting with boxes of canned food, diapers and water in our laps. In the front seat of the plane, I had the steering wheel in front of me and I had canned food in my lap to make sure that we could get every last bit of supplies over there.”

Target Roofing played a critical role in Southwest Florida’s rebuilding process after Hurricane Irma in 2017, repairing and replacing hundreds of roofs across the region to help businesses and residents recover from the storm. The company also has been recognized for its post-Irma pro bono work, most recently for partnering with Lee BIA Builders Care to install a new roof on the home of a North Fort Myers man who is disabled.

“‘Giving back’ is one of our company’s core values, and although most of our charitable work is right here in the community we serve, it’s important that everyone step up to help out our friends in the Bahamas,” Casey said. “If Dorian stalled out just 100 miles further west, South Florida would have been forever changed instead of the Bahamas. They need our help right now, and I’m glad we were able to deliver supplies so quickly.”

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