Target Roofing & Sheet Metal, widely recognized as the top commercial roofer in Southwest Florida, recently helped build bridges between law enforcement and the youth of this community.

In partnership with the Tommy Bohanon Foundation, Lee County Sheriff’s Office and Pick Up The Ball, Target Roofing sponsored a friendly game of basketball that brought Dunbar High School athletes onto the court with deputies and police officers.

“It’s a fun day to see law enforcement from all different agencies come together to play a friendly game of basketball, handshakes to hugs,” said Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno.

Around the country, there often is a disconnect between law enforcement and youth in urban areas. Marceno said most of the interactions between deputies and teens aren’t in the best of circumstances – they’re getting pulled over, have called 911 or are present at emergency situations like car accidents or fires.

“It’s extremely important for our youth to have positive interactions with law enforcement, and that’s why we wanted to partner with these other agencies to sponsor the basketball game,” said Casey Crowther, president of Target Roofing. “I was born and raised in Fort Myers, too, so I understand the challenges of this community, but we can begin building bridges between law enforcement and local youth to help strengthen this community moving forward.”

Pick Up The Ball is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities to young athletes in low-income, high-risk neighborhoods in hopes of increasing their chances for success in the future. The Tommy Bohanon Foundation targets a similar audience and supports young athletes to help them reach their highest potential on and off the playing field.

Bohanon, a North Fort Myers High graduate who’s played five years in the NFL, believes it’s important for youth to see law enforcement as being on their side.

“These police officers are really truly here to help you and help the community,” Bohanon said. “They’re not trying to harm you or single you out.”

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