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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Roofing in Southwest Florida

Here, you’ll find news about Target Roofing & Sheet Metal, as well as information we know will be valuable to our customers and partners.

Target Roofing helps SWFL veterans

Target Roofing & Sheet Metal is recognized as Southwest Florida’s top commercial roofer, but in addition to building roofs, the company also strives to build our community. Target Roofing has been a proud supporter of numerous community organizations and initiatives since the company’s founding, and our generous employees also donate their time as volunteers for nonprofit organizations across the region. Recently, our team partnered with Community Cooperative, an organization that strives to eliminate hunger

Target Roofing named Readers’ Choice Award winner by FCA Journal

Business owners want every customer to be happy. While a 95 percent satisfaction rate is OK for most, Target Roofing & Sheet Metal strives for 100 percent. Anything less is unacceptable, and our team certainly is aware of those lofty expectations. And apparently, so are our customers. In its March 2019 issue, Florida Community Association Journal named Target Roofing as a platinum winner in its sixth annual Readers’ Choice Awards, which recognize positive and productive contributions by community association service

High-rise roofing requires high-skilled roofers

It takes a special kind of roofer, and roofing company, to work on high-rise and mid-rise condominiums. Not only must individual workers have no fear of heights, a given in this industry, but they also must have access to two essential elements: Safety programs Equipment At Target Roofing & Sheet Metal, safety always comes first. That’s not just a slogan – it’s our reality. Each of our employees must complete rigorous safety training programs, and we contract with an independent

Preventative maintenance extends the life of a roof, validates warranties

Manufacturer warranties give consumers peace of mind, an added protection in the unlikely event a product fails early in its life cycle. When the need arises to file a claim, however, consumers often are disappointed to learn a repair or replacement is not covered. They didn’t read the fine print outlining steps required to validate a warranty. Much like vehicles, appliances or electronics, roofs also come with manufacturer warranties. Property owners can be surprised to learn a roof that starts

Target Roofing celebrates Women in Construction Week

March 3-9 is Women in Construction Week, a time the National Association of Women in Construction designated to highlight women as a visible component of the construction industry while raising awareness of career opportunities in the field for women. At Target Roofing & Sheet Metal, the women on our team help run the operation. They process invoices, obtain permits, coordinate sales, creating marketing pieces, manage projects, monitor inventory, keep financial records, oversee hiring and much, much more. “Construction, and

Roofs need annual wellness checkups, too

Physicians recommend annual wellness checkups for patients of any age, even for individuals who look and feel terrific. Through a physical exam, biometric testing or questionnaire, doctors might spot a cause for concern that otherwise would go unnoticed. There’s a good reason that physicians want to see their patients at least once a year – annual checkups work. Doctors are trained to spot abnormalities that could potentially impact your short-term and long-term health. Your roof needs a similar wellness check.

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