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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Roofing in Southwest Florida

Here, you’ll find news about Target Roofing & Sheet Metal, as well as information we know will be valuable to our customers and partners.

Target Roofing moves higher in Business Observer’s Top 500 list

Target Roofing & Sheet Metal jumped 34 spots to No. 202 overall on Business Observer’s 2020 list of the Top 500 Companies on the Gulf Coast.  Each year, the business publication ranks companies based on annual revenue and employment levels. The list includes contractors, banks, law firms, insurance companies, medical practices, restaurant chains, auto dealers and many other industries.  “Business Observer’s reach covers a vast stretch of Florida, from Clearwater south to Marco Island, as well as inland communities,” said Casey Crowther, president of Target Roofing. “Just to be included on the Top 500 list

Is your A/C system or roof to blame for high energy bills? 

The summer of 2020 is shaping up to be one of Southwest Florida’s hottest on record.  Unfortunately, record heat also means record utility bills as A/C systems run nearly nonstop to keep homes and businesses cool.  Is an inefficient A/C system to blame? In many cases, A/C systems are working precisely as designed, but they’re fighting a losing battle against solar radiation. During the day, heat can enter a building through its walls, windows and doors, but most A/C systems can handle that. Solar gain through the roof, however, poses a bigger challenge.  A roof has three factors inherently

‘No touch’ estimating keeps Target Roofing customers, employees safe

Safety and technology have always been paramount at Target Roofing & Sheet Metal. Now, Target Roofing has married the two to protect employees and customers in light of COVID-19.  The company is offering “no-touch” roof estimates that minimize face-to-face contact.  Previously, inspectors would meet a property owner or property manager on-site for a discussion before accessing the roof for a complete review. Then, findings would be presented in-person during a business meeting.  Following CDC guidelines to limit exposure, Target Roofing has taken advantage of technology to continue serving customers: 

Water puddles are a warning sign on the roof

When you’re driving through rain and encounter a puddle, your vehicle can lose traction. Roadways are engineered to use gravity to direct rainwater into trenches, but wear and tear from heavy traffic can disrupt the natural flow.  The same design principles apply to roofs. The steep slope of residential roofs essentially eliminates the possibility of water retention, but it’s a serious concern for flat roofs atop commercial buildings.  “Flat” roofs are never truly flat. Building codes require that flat roofs

Top reasons roof warranties are invalidated

Every product comes with a warranty, and that includes your roof.  But every warranty also comes with fine print, pages upon pages of disclaimers written by the manufacturer that provide “outs” – reasons why the company does not have to repair or replace a particular item. Manufacturers place the responsibility on you, the product owner, to follow the terms outlined in the warranty.  What is one of the top reasons roof warranties are invalidated?  A property owner neglected preventative maintenance.  Buried

Your best insurance policy during the rainy season is a good roof

Property owners carry many types of insurance to ensure they are protected: general property insurance, flood insurance, hurricane insurance, liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance, business interruption insurance and others.  There is one type of insurance policy, though, that offers the best protection – a good roof.  For a business owner, a good roof can protect millions of dollars in inventory, electronics and paperwork. It also protects jobs, employees and customers.  For a condominium, multi-family unit or single-family

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