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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Roofing in Southwest Florida

Here, you’ll find news about Target Roofing & Sheet Metal, as well as information we know will be valuable to our customers and partners.

Water puddles are a warning sign on the roof

When you’re driving through rain and encounter a puddle, your vehicle can lose traction. Roadways are engineered to use gravity to direct rainwater into trenches, but wear and tear from heavy traffic can disrupt the natural flow.  The same design principles apply to roofs. The steep slope of residential roofs essentially eliminates the possibility of water retention, but it’s a serious concern for flat roofs atop commercial buildings.  “Flat” roofs are never truly flat. Building codes require that flat roofs

What is the No. 1 reason roof warranties are invalidated?

Every product comes with a warranty, and that includes your roof.  But every warranty also comes with fine print, pages upon pages of disclaimers written by the manufacturer that provide “outs” – reasons why the company does not have to repair or replace a particular item. Manufacturers place the responsibility on you, the product owner, to follow the terms outlined in the warranty.  What is the No. 1 reason roof warranties are invalidated?  A property owner neglected preventative maintenance.  Buried within

Your best insurance policy during the rainy season is a good roof

Property owners carry many types of insurance to ensure they are protected: general property insurance, flood insurance, hurricane insurance, liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, commercial auto insurance, business interruption insurance and others.  There is one type of insurance policy, though, that offers the best protection – a good roof.  For a business owner, a good roof can protect millions of dollars in inventory, electronics and paperwork. It also protects jobs, employees and customers.  For a condominium, multi-family unit or single-family

Carlisle SynTec honors Target Roofing with Champions Award

Target Roofing & Sheet Metal has earned a FleeceBACK Champions Award from Carlisle SynTec Systems, a leading manufacturer of high-quality roofing materials.  Champions Award winners represent an elite group of highly skilled contractors who are committed to installing Carlisle’s FleeceBACK line of durable, robust roofing systems, which includes ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM), thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products.  “FleeceBACK roofs are durable, dependable roofing systems, and it’s extremely important to have a superior level of protection in a region like Southwest Florida that

Sunburned roofs? How Florida’s heat and sunshine take a toll on your roof

Florida’s sun is brutal. If you’re outdoors for extended periods, overexposure can have devastating consequences, ranging from heat exhaustion and dehydration to sunburns and skin cancer.  Doctors recommend wearing a hat and a thick layer of sunscreen, both of which help keep you safe.  But what about your roof? It bears the full force of the sun and heat, day after day, without any reprieve. It is your property’s first line of defense against the elements – sun, heat, rain and hurricanes.  Much like your skin, ultraviolet

How to identify, and avoid, a ‘storm chaser’ 

Florida roofs take a beating during hurricanes, tropical storms and severe weather.  If your roof is damaged by high winds, heavy rain or lightning, you’re likely not alone.  Locally, the region’s established roofing companies will assemble strike teams capable of making immediate repairs and scheduling out projects for the weeks and months ahead. Unfortunately, these respected and licensed companies won’t be alone.  Out-of-area, and even out-of-state, roofing contractors often descend upon neighborhoods and communities after a major weather event, hoping to make a quick buck. They have no local employees, no local office and no local history. To them,