Florida’s sun is brutal. If you’re outdoors for extended periodsoverexposure can have devastating consequences, ranging from heat exhaustion and dehydration to sunburns and skin cancer. 

Doctors recommend wearing a hat and a thick layer of sunscreen, both of which help keep you safe. 

But what about your roof? It bears the full force of the sun and heat, day after day, without any reprieve. It is your property’s first line of defense against the elements – sun, heat, rain and hurricanes. 

Much like your skin, ultraviolet rays and extreme heat can destroy your roof. Naples, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte and Sarasota are among the U.S. cities with the most hours of sunlight per year, so it’s critically important that property owners and property managers recognize the potentially damaging effects of sunshine on their roofs. 

When any item heats up, it expands. When it cools, it contracts. This is called thermal shock, and it happens day after day on your roof. Ultraviolet rays and heat can degrade chemical compounds in roofing materials, damaging sealants and membranes, and ultimately your roof structure 

Signs of trouble include: 

  • Blistering: On a flat or shingle roof, tiny cracks caused by excessive heat can fill with moisture, causing blisters in the roof.  
  • Fading: Sun damage can cause colors to fade over time. Much like a faded T-shirt or hood of a car, faded colors of a roof lower curb appeal and can impact property values. 
  • Cracking: Tiles and TPO membranes that dry out can crack, allowing rain to penetrate the surface and introduce problems like leaks, mold growth, stains and electrical hazards. 

Target Roofing’s highly trained, Haag-certified roofing inspectors have many years of experience diagnosing roof damage. Most property owners don’t realize they have roof damage unless they spot a leak. However, early detection, whether it’s a skin check with a dermatologist or a roof check with an inspector, is the key to preventing bigger problems down the road. 

The roofing industry has undergone a technological revolution over the past decade. Today’s roofs are more eco-friendly and do a better job reflecting UV rays, and that enhanced layer of protection can actually lower your monthly cooling costs. 

Not sure if your roof has experienced sun damage? Call Target Roofing today at (239) 332-5707 to schedule an inspection. 



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