March 21st – St. Francis Xavier Catholic School

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A nationally recognized blue ribbon school, St. Francis Xavier Catholic school works each day to improve the lives of the children attending, with a spiritual and educational message ringing through the halls. But when Hurricane Irma passed through Southwest Florida in late 2017, the school sustained damage to their classroom materials, media center, after-care facility, their roof and more. In the aftermath of the storm, faculty, parents and students are coming together to do their part in helping to rebuilding and recovering what the storm affected. That’s where we came in!

Having completed the re-roofing of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School in early February,  we felt that there was more that we could do as a company to help give back. In order to help lessen the post-hurricane expense and contribute to the student’s learning experiences, Target Roofing donated 30 brand new dry-erase boards to the school. We wish the best for this collection of wonderful individuals and look forward to seeing their growth in their rebuild!

Shout out to Mrs. Kenney’s 2nd grade class for the awesome thank you cards – keep working hard and doing big things!


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St. Francis Xavier Catholic School is striving to raise funds to reach their goal of $500,00 to restore the condition of their school. If you would like to donate funds or your support, simply visit the school website at and click on the “Rebuilding on Faith Campaign” and select the WeShare option.



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