Seasonal residents returning to Florida for the winter will primarily focus their attention on the inside of their homes or condominiums. They’ll make sure the A/C system, appliances and smoke alarms are in working order, and probably will throw linens in the washer and restock the fridge. They’ll restart a newspaper subscription and make sure cable, telephone and Internet services are restored. Then, they’ll sit back and enjoy life as a snowbird!

One item that likely isn’t on their checklist, however, is the roof. That’s why property managers and community associations must be proactive.

For the past six months or so, roofs have been exposed to dangerous UV rays, high temperatures and powerful thunderstorms. Florida’s harsh weather extremes are the leading cause of roof damage across the Sunshine State. Branches and leaves can gather on rooftops, clogging gutters and drains. Rainwater can pool up and contribute to mold growth, which deteriorates roofing materials.

That’s why it is so important for property managers and community associations to either hire a certified, experienced inspector to provide detailed reports or offer residents a vetted list of reliable local inspectors. Every home, condominium, apartment building and business should have its roof inspected annually by a professional to catch potential issues before they become a problem.

The Florida Community Association Journal recently asked Target Roofing to offer its advice to seasonal residents as they return for the winter. Read that article here: Roof inspection critical for returning residents


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