Physicians recommend annual wellness checkups for patients of any age, even for individuals who look and feel terrific. Through a physical exam, biometric testing or questionnaire, doctors might spot a cause for concern that otherwise would go unnoticed.

There’s a good reason that physicians want to see their patients at least once a year – annual checkups work. Doctors are trained to spot abnormalities that could potentially impact your short-term and long-term health.

Your roof needs a similar wellness check. Our certified, experienced roofing inspectors, much like top-notch doctors, are trained to spot imperfections – cracks or chips in tiles, missing roofing nails, adhesives that may have worn down over time or shingles that have been dislodged during high winds.

Oftentimes the only way a business owner, tenant or resident can tell there’s an issue is when water is dripping into their home or business. With dry season in full effect, that warning sign might not come until rainy season begins in late May and early June, and there might already be water damage by that point. Water intrusion can cause mold or mildew, present fire hazards around electrical wiring, warp decking and damage insulation, which can lead to higher utility bills.

Unlike most medical doctors, our roof doctors will visit you – we still make house calls! We’ll provide a comprehensive evaluation report that includes inspection photos, lists of recommended repairs and maintenance services, and a general idea of your roof’s remaining lifespan. Target Roofing’s specialties include mid-rises, high-rises, hotels, schools, churches, shopping plazas and government buildings.

Target Roofing is licensed, insured, reliable, experienced and responsive – all the traits you want in a roofer, as well as a family physician.

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