Manufacturer warranties give consumers peace of mind, an added protection in the unlikely event a product fails early in its life cycle. When the need arises to file a claim, however, consumers often are disappointed to learn a repair or replacement is not covered. They didn’t read the fine print outlining steps required to validate a warranty.
Much like vehicles, appliances or electronics, roofs also come with manufacturer warranties. Property owners can be surprised to learn a roof that starts leaking or deteriorating after 10 years might not be covered despite its 20-year warranty.

A key component of the fine print is preventative maintenance. Without it, your warranty likely isn’t valid. Considering the cost of a roof replacement, a little maintenance goes a long way.
Target Roofing offers preventative maintenance plans that include comprehensive inspection reports containing photos, proposals for recommended work and estimates of a roof’s remaining lifespan to help with budgeting. Our experienced team also reviews warranty documents to ensure compliance, even if it’s a roofing system our company did not install.

Inspections are critical. Our highly trained inspectors check gutters and downspouts to ensure water is being channeled away from the roof and home. They check structural integrity to see if any flashings or penetrations are properly sealed. They see if shingles or tiles are still adhering to the surface. They check for mold or mildew grow that can discolor or damage roofing materials.