On Time and On Target.

It’s not just a catchy slogan. It’s the way we run our business.

Our customers frequently ask how we’re able to get jobs done so quickly, oftentimes before the estimated completion date. Our roofing crews and supervisors are top-of-the-line professionals, of course, but that’s not the only reason Target Roofing can install or replace an entire roof seemingly overnight.

We own our heavy equipment. For a contractor, that’s a big deal.

If we need to lift large rolls of TPO membrane and supplies to the top of a high-rise condominium, for example, we simply dispatch our crane to the job site. If we need an articulated boom, scissor lift or telescopic forklift, we have those back at headquarters, too.

Target Roofing owns the equipment that many contractors must rent, and that’s a big plus for our customers. When your roof needs an emergency repair or replacement, and a crane is necessary to complete the project, you don’t want to wait weeks or even months for a rental to become available.

So why do other companies opt to rent? The upfront capital expenditure might be too much for a company that hasn’t managed its money well or isn’t projecting revenue increases in the months and years ahead. Just like with renting vs. buying a home, financial advisors don’t recommend making large purchases if there is uncertainty about the future.

Target Roofing was founded in Fort Myers, and we’re planning to stay in Southwest Florida for the long-term. We’re also proud of our reputation as a responsible, reliable and trusted roofer, and that’s why we are confident enough to invest in equipment, and in our future customers. We also have an in-house sheet metal manufacturing facility, as well as a shearer and folder that offers custom cuts and shaping of sheet metal materials with speed and precision. How do other companies get their metal panels? They take measurements and order materials through a third-party supplier, then wait for the products to be delivered.

If you want a project completed quickly and correctly, call Target Roofing today at 239-332-5707 or email Projects@TargetRoofers.com. We offer FREE estimates!


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