Safety and technology have always been paramount at Target Roofing & Sheet Metal. Now, Target Roofing has married the two to protect employees and customers in light of COVID-19. 

The company is offering “notouch” roof estimates that minimize face-to-face contact. 

Previously, inspectors would meet a property owner or property manager onsite for a discussion before accessing the roof for a complete review. Then, findings would be presented in-person during a business meeting. 

Following CDC guidelines to limit exposure, Target Roofing has taken advantage of technology to continue serving customers: 

  • Discussions: Rather than meet onsite or in the office, Target Roofing can discuss concerns over Zoom or the telephone. Unless access is restricted, inspectors usually can access roof without needing assistance from a property owner or manager. 
  • Drone technology: Target Roofing’s drone pilots can launch aerial drones that capture HD-quality photos and videos of a roof. Inspectors can review crystalclear images to note any areas of concern. These images are then uploaded into the final inspection report for customers to review. 
  • Satellite technology: Our roofing professionals use satellite imagery and Pictometry to calculate the exact dimensions of a roof, eliminating the need to physically walk a roof for measurementsSatellite imagery not only allows for quick measurements, but the precise calculations also provide highly accurate estimates of a project’s cost. 
  • Virtual meetings: Once an inspector’s report is finalized, Target Roofing can schedule a Zoom presentation to reveal findings, review digital binders and discuss estimated repair or replacement costs. 
  • Document signing: Signing in person on the dotted line is no longer necessary. Target Roofing uses a secure digital platform that allows electronic signing, and payments can be provided electronically as well.  

Contact Target Roofing today at 239-332-5707 to schedule your review and estimate. 


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