The term “gutter” isn’t associated with many positive thoughts.

Bowlers try their best to avoid “gutter balls,” while anything deemed “in the gutter” essentially means it’s in poor condition.

It’s no surprise that a building’s gutters don’t generate much interest or reaction, either. Perhaps that’s why they often are neglected by so many property owners and managers.

When properly maintained, gutters can protect and even prolong the life of a roof. Gutters have a singular, simple purpose of collecting rainwater and channeling it off the roof and away from a structure. When they’re not working properly, though, big problems can arise. Gutters blocked by fallen leaves, pine needles and debris can disrupt water flow, and standing water and excess moisture can cause rot in wood fascia and soffit, and even a roof deck, as well as lead to insect infestation. Gutters filled with water can weigh hundreds of pounds, putting a strain on the roof or possibly ripping off completely. Downspouts connected to gutters that don’t properly channel water away from the structure can damage landscaping, create breeding grounds for mosquitoes and soften the soil under a structure, which can lead to cracks in the foundation.

With so much potential for problems, our experienced, trained roofing inspectors pay special attention to gutters. Although many commercial structures are designed and engineered to channel away water without the use of gutters, those that do feature gutters should have them periodically examined by a professional. That’s why our annual roof maintenance plans offer a good value. Contact Target Roofing today to schedule an appointment: 239-332-5707.


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