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Top reasons roof warranties are invalidated

Every product comes with a warranty, and that includes your roof.  But every warranty also comes with fine print, pages upon pages of disclaimers written by the manufacturer that provide “outs” – reasons why the company does not have to repair or replace a particular item. Manufacturers place the responsibility on you, the product owner, to


Preventative maintenance extends the life of a roof, validates warranties

Manufacturer warranties give consumers peace of mind, an added protection in the unlikely event a product fails early in its life cycle. When the need arises to file a claim, however, consumers often are disappointed to learn a repair or replacement is not covered. They didn’t read the fine print outlining steps required to validate


Target Roofing launches eco-friendly roof cleaning service

Target Roofing & Sheet Metal is proud to offer a new eco-friendly roof cleaning service to customers in Southwest Florida. Cleaning roofs helps protect roofing materials and ensures that manufacturer warranties remain valid. The new roof cleaning service is available for commercial and residential property owners with flat, metal, tile and shingle roofs. “There are


These 3 things are destroying your roof. Here’s how to stop them.

Roofs don’t last forever. A properly maintained roof, though, can last well-beyond its warranty, and then some. Half of the battle is knowing what causes roof problems. In many cases, some easy fixes can prevent some very complex, costly problems. The experienced roofing professionals at Target Roofing & Sheet Metal have installed, repaired and replaced


These 5 factors impact costs of roof repairs and replacements

Smart property owners and property managers request estimates from multiple contractors prior to accepting a bid. Even the smartest can find it extremely confusing when trying to compare each estimate and understand the important decisions that need to be made in replacing or repairing a roof. Estimates can vary widely between contractors, sometimes by tens


Roofing repairs aren’t DIY jobs and your maintenance guy shouldn’t do it, either

Roofing repairs are not DIY projects. DIY improvement shows on TV can make renovation projects look easy, especially for a skilled DIYer. However, if your project involves a roof repair, squash those thoughts immediately. Roof repairs should be left only to licensed roofing professionals. And by roofing professionals, we don’t mean maintenance technicians, building supervisors,


How preventative roof maintenance saves money in the long run

Preventative maintenance is an investment, not a cost. For example, an oil change costs about $50. Failing to change it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles can cause severe damage, requiring you to replace the engine. This small maintenance cost of $50 is now 100 times more costly to repair. Regular maintenance is essential for vehicles,


Sunburned roofs? How Florida’s heat and sunshine take a toll on your roof

Florida’s sun is brutal. If you’re outdoors for extended periods, overexposure can have devastating consequences, ranging from heat exhaustion and dehydration to sunburns and skin cancer.  Doctors recommend wearing a hat and a thick layer of sunscreen, both of which help keep you safe.  But what about your roof? It bears the full force of the sun and heat, day after


What is TPO roofing, and why is it so popular

TPO has emerged as the go-to roofing material for commercial roofers in Florida, including Target Roofing & Sheet Metal. But what is TPO? It’s an acronym for thermoplastic polyolefin, a rubber-like single-ply membrane that is rolled onto a roof and adhered or mechanically attached to a structure. GAF’s TPO roofing systems are among the industry’s


Returning Snowbirds Benefit When Property Managers are Proactive

Seasonal residents returning to Florida for the winter will primarily focus their attention on the inside of their homes or condominiums. They’ll make sure the A/C system, appliances and smoke alarms are in working order, and probably will throw linens in the washer and restock the fridge. They’ll restart a newspaper subscription and


Why property managers and contractors love working with Target Roofing

If you’re a property manager or contractor, you want to work with a roofer you can trust. You want to be confident that your roofer will get the job done on time and on target. You want a roofer that is experienced, reliable and responsive. Here at Target Roofing, we regularly field calls from property


Flat roofs in Florida require precision, special attention

Nearly all residential homes being built today have pitched, or sloped, roofs. This allows rainwater to run downhill, into gutters, through downspouts and away from a home’s foundation. Quickly channeling water off a rooftop eliminates the potential for pooled water, which can lead to problems like mold and algae growth, wood rot and deterioration of


The Florida Building Code and its 25% replacement rule

 Hurricane Irma caused an estimated $50 billion in damage, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It was the fifth-costliest U.S. hurricane on record, and a sizable chunk of that estimate is attributed to roof damage. As Southwest Florida residents can attest, some homes and businesses had their roofs quickly replaced or repaired,


Four simple steps to protect your roof during rainy season

A roof won’t leak unless it rains. Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, rainy season is now upon us in Southwest Florida, and judging by the phone calls and emails pouring into Target Roofing & Sheet Metal, Mother Nature has exposed some leaks. Water intrusion can damage insulation and drywall, as well as contribute to mold growth


Gutters critically important for health of a roof

The term “gutter” isn’t associated with many positive thoughts. Bowlers try their best to avoid “gutter balls,” while anything deemed “in the gutter” essentially means it’s in poor condition. It’s no surprise that a building’s gutters don’t generate much interest or reaction, either. Perhaps that’s why they often are neglected by so many property


Why metal roofs in Florida are growing in popularity

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Florida’s settlers often built their homes with metal roofs. They were cheap, relatively easy to install and lightweight, which meant easy shipping from manufacturing facilities up north. The Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, now beautifully restored, offer a great historical perspective of metal roofing

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