Florida’s climate isn’t kind to your roof.

Hurricanes, tropical storms, sunshine, heat and humidity take a toll on area roofs. If you’ve noticed a leak, missing tiles or shingles, mildew or mold and other structural concerns, you might need to consider repairing or replacing your roof.

This might be first time you’ve had to deal with your insurance company or a roofing company.

For us, it’s not.

Target Roofing & Sheet Metal is a local licensed and insured company that has repaired and replaced hundreds of roofs damaged by harsh weather. We know the process, and experience matters in times of need.

Target Roofing has outlined a four-step process to put Florida businesses and residents on the road to a new or repaired roof:

  1. Eliminating water intrusion: It will rain again, and that’s bad news if your roof has a leak or structural deficiency caused by a storm. Target Roofing works with insurance companies to provide emergency repairs that keep the water out, and with no out-of-pocket expenses to our customers.
  2. Navigating the insurance claim: We work with you and your insurance company to break down the repairs and costs, answering all of your questions and minimizing potential disputes with your insurance provider.
  3. Maximizing value by verifying your claim: Most insurance companies create an “Xactimate” to estimate your damage and repair costs. Target Roofing compares estimates provided by your insurance company to determine if the lowest bid includes a complete list of materials and recommended services.
  4. Schedule date for completion: In our proposal, we’ll outline the full scope of work to complete your repair or replacement. Once signed, we’ll add your project to our schedule, even if your insurance company hasn’t yet issued your claim check, so your repair or replacement will be completed in a timely fashion.