Design trends come and go, but metal roofs have stood the test of time in Florida. In fact, metal roofs have been protecting homes in the Sunshine State since the late 1800s. Early settlers recognized that metal panels were relatively inexpensive to ship and simple to install.

Today, metal remains a popular roofing choice. You’ll see it atop apartment buildings, condominiums, shopping plazas, churches, schools and government facilities, as well as single-family homes.


Below are four reasons why property owners and property managers are choosing metal roofs to protect their investments:

(1) Durability: Properly installed metal roofs can have a wind resistance up to 140 mph or more. That allows them to withstand even the most powerful hurricanes and tropical storms. Falling branches and flying debris might ding a metal roof, but metal panels offer an added layer of protection, similar to a helmet that protects an athlete. Metal panels are also non-porous, essentially locking out moisture with a watertight seal.

(2) Longevity: Florida’s intense heat, strong UV rays, rain and wind can damage all types of roofing materials. Although metal can fade and rust over time, it doesn’t break down as quickly as other materials. Adhesives that bond tiles and shingles can wear down naturally, while metal panels are firmly locked into place. Some manufacturers offer warranties on metal roofs for up to 50 years. That doubles and even triples warranties for other types of roofing materials. Homes in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Naples built in the early- to mid-1900s still feature their original metal roofs.

(3) Environmentally friendly: Metal panels reflect light and emit heat. That physical property keeps attics and ceiling spaces cooler, which in turn keeps interior spaces cooler. As a result, A/C systems don’t have to work as hard during the hot summer. Metal panels often consist of recycled materials, and when replaced, the entire roof can be recycled to reduce waste in landfills.

(4) Curb appeal: Many property owners focus on landscaping and exterior paint as a means of enhancing curb appeal. A metal roof offers a timeless, yet trendy, appearance. Metal roof panels come in abundant colors, designs and styles, allowing for designer-look customization.

Target Roofing’s manufacturing facility features the roofing industry’s newest, state-of-the-art shearer. The machine is capable of bending 4-by-10 metal sheets with precise, custom folds. Unlike machines of yesteryear, this one is completely automated. Team members input data into a computer and the machine creates clean, accurate cuts for metal panels, flashing and ornamental features. Target Roofing employees feed large coils of sheet metal into a Schlebach Quadro Portable Metal Rollformer to manufacture metal roof panels right on the job site.

What does this mean for customers? Their roof won’t look the same as every other roof on the block. This machine helps avoid “cookie-cutter” roofing. Metal is cut to exact specifications – shapes, sizes and designs – selected by a customer, taking into account a roof’s pitch, size and location. Having this equipment in-house also allows Target Roofing to speed up project timelines. Customers no longer have to wait days, weeks or even months for a third party to manufacture and ship metal panels. This also offers a cost savings.

Additionally, Target Roofing typically buys large coils that can produce longer panels. Other contractors often piece together smaller panels to cover a roof. This means Target Roofing’s metal roofs have fewer seams and thus fewer areas where rainwater can penetrate and leak. Metal coils come in 31 standard colors, and Target Roofing also can work with vendors to customize additional colors.

Target Roofing doesn’t cross-train its roofers on various material types. Instead, the company dispatches an experienced crew trained exclusively on metal roof installations and repairs. This ensures that the job is done right the first time. It’s part of our workmanship guarantee.

To see if a metal roof is right for you, please contact Target Roofing at 239-332-5707 to schedule a FREE estimate.

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