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At Target Roofing, we pride ourselves on consistently executing superior standards of service, safety and premium craftsmanship throughout every job we undertake. In order to further communicate the extent of our expertise, we promote possession of insurance coverage that exceeds industry standards to ensure protection to your assets.

Following the principle of value engineering, we take time to evaluate your property’s unique architectural features to elicit the roofing plan that best fits your budget.  With the utilization of specialized, top-of-the-line equipment, our ultimate goal is to optimize the performance, reliability and quality of your customized roofing system.

Single-Source Contractor

Skip the hassle of working with multiple department heads, roofing subcontractors and undefined timelines for completion. Target roofing provides one direct point of contact throughout your experience with us, providing bid dates and due dates as well as the information needed to actively collaborate with local engineering and architectural firms involved.

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